Mr.Mertzanis (LIFE ARCKAS, LIFE AmyBear & LIFE SAFE CROSSING) responded (on behalf of Callisto NGO) to the challenge by Life Dinalp, coming from the coordinators in Slovenia at the seminar that took place on 08/04/2019 with a title: "Fragmentation/Connectivity of bear habitats on transport axes - compensatory-management measures". The seminar took place at the University of Ljubljana in an audience of representatives of Ministries, Technical Services and Construction Companies. From the Greek side, he presented the Egnatia Odos case study both in the Grevena region and in the areas of Kastoria and Florina, also referring to the respective LIFE "Arctos", LIFE ARCKAS, LIFE AmyBear & LIFE SAFE CROSSING programs, but also synergies between them within which compensatory/dissuasive measures could be implemented and implemented to reverse road mortality but also to fragment the bear habitat. Here are some photos of the seminar