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It is addressed to students and adults, both from the project area and from other areas of Greece. The main idea is to create and use to thematic paths one for the brown bear and the other for the Natura2000 network for implementing environmental education programs, as well as informational hikes in the Municipality of Amyntaio.

In order for the trails to be used in an educational and informational way, its signaling is necessary. What is proposed is to create a environmental education package for the two trails and also a series of “orientation signs” and “environmental interpretation boards” alongside the trails. A map will be created too. The orientation signs are going to show a map of the trails referring to the stops and the environmental interpretation boards. The environmental interpretation boards are going to give information for the brown bear, its biology and habits, as well as the threats it faces, based on the natural features present on site. Also the environmental interpretation boards in the second trail are going to give information for the Natura2000 network and the specific habitat that will be chosen. Furthermore, some of the environmental interpretation boards will propose environmental education activities to be implemented on site.

Production of informational leaflets is also proposed. The leaflets will have the map of the trails and some information about the trails, the area and the subject of the trails. In addition, they will contain proposed environmental education activities that can be carried out while on the trail. These leaflets will be of use both for the general public and the schools visiting.

In order to promote the thematic trails a guide for the teachers and professors will be issued with the maps of the trails, informational material and environmental education activities. Also 3 seminars will be held for teachers and 2 organized visits are proposed. The visits are going to be organized and implemented by the staff of CALLISTO, with the transport cost being covered by CALLISTO, and will be addressed to teachers of the area, as well as journalists.