In the second trimester of 2020 a workshop will be organized by CALLISTO, with the objective to design an After LIFE Plan for the continuation of the strategies and activities, after the end of the Project’s implementation. 

Each Action will be analyzed to assess, in a first step, whether there is a need for continuation of the initiated actions and, in a second step, how this will be done – with what means, by what actors, the details of the actions and how it will be monitored.

The results of this discussion will be summarized in a logical framework, which will then be presented and discussed, by the various beneficiaries, to the stakeholders in their target area. Upon collection of feedback by the project beneficiaries, the plan will be formalized in a proper way to be submitted to the EC along with the final project report as a separate chapter.

The Plan will be written in both Greek and English language and produced in paper and electronic format.