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In selected village(s) with prior bear-visit incidents, new special containers (660 lit) will replace the old ones. The containers will be easy to be used by humans, but impossible for the bears to open them and feed on the contents and become habituated on human food sources. Data from Action A3 as well as on-site visits will be used to develop an assessment for finding the different location where the containers and fences will be installed.

Additionally, electric fencing will be used in selected sites and facilities that bears approach, located in the vicinity of human settlements (garbage dumps, abandoned orchards, agricultural warehouses, houses and gardens at the limits of villages etc.), in order to prevent the bears from feeding on them, causing bear-human conflicts.

Depending on power source availability, the fence could be powered by mains, or solar panel and battery. The latter provides more flexibility, as it can be relocated and used in remote areas. The size depends on the conditions and the type of fence that will be selected.

The total area to be fenced depends on:

- The type and the size of the facility that will be fenced.

- The relief of the area.

- The polygon shape of the fence resulting from the aforementioned factors.

- The fence’s systematic maintenance (cleaning of twigs, weeds, ground state, etc.).

- The energy pulse that the device produces (generator).

An estimate of the total area that will be fenced is 30 Hectares.