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The main objective of this action is to introduce and disseminate the core message of the project to the targeted audience (general public, local people and key stakeholder groups), concerning human bear coexistence. The information and awareness raising campaign conducted will tackle the “problematic” human bear coexistence issue which encourages illegal killing of bears, especially among certain stakeholder groups (livestock raisers, shepherds, farmers, hunters, and local people) that will be targeted by this action and it will aim at raising the awareness of the general public on the basic natural history of bears, the interaction of wildlife with humans, the potential economic benefit this species can provide and the ways of coexistence between humans and bears. Through communication tools elaborated in action E1, 4 issues will be tackled: a)Level of knowledge concerning the importance of bear-human coexistence for the bear conservation efforts; b)Level of knowledge concerning “habituated bears”; c)Level of knowledge concerning traffic fatalities due to fragmentation of core bear habitat areas; d)Level of knowledge for the use of preventive measures for the minimization of damages caused by bears. Campaign will consist of:

1. Media Work

2. Production of awareness raising informational material (Printed material)

3. Organization of public information meetings.

4. Organization of meetings and seminars for disseminating the results of preparatory Actions A4 and A5

5. Bilateral Workshop