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This Action aims to provide training for the staff of the Forestry service and other stakeholders involved in the management and conservation of brown bears in the project area. The training will not be limited to the staff of the local Forestry Directorate of Florina (which has the authority for conservation actions in the project area) but it will also be addressed to other local staff such as public administrators, wardens, etc, as well as to staff of other Forestry Directorates of neighboring Districts (Ioannina, Kozani, Grevena, Kastoria).

Sub-action C.2.1: Grants for six (6) experience exchange trips will be given to people involved in bear management in the project area for visiting (a) other bear conservation projects in Greece - 3 trips, and (b) to other European countries for exchanging best practices and experience about the procedures adopted in these realities.

Sub-action C.2.2: Two training courses of 4 days each will be organized for people involved in on-the-ground management of brown bears, for capacity building about field techniques for monitoring brown bear population, aversive conditioning of problem bears, detection of poison baits, first aid to poisoned animals, damage assessment-evaluation and about communication techniques and relationships with stakeholder groups. 

The training seminars will be organized for people involved in the management of brown bears. The term management includes not only the protection of the brown bear, but also the organization of space (spatial planning) and rural development in general. In order to define the problems of bears it is very important to analyze the generator factors and reasons of these problems. Most of the problems are caused due to the human activities and developmental plans. All these issues will be presented during the training courses. Amongst the participants will be stakeholders from local and regional authorities as well.