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A four-day networking visit held from 27 to 30 May 2019, participating staff from the Forestry of Slovenia and the University of Zagreb, colleagues and partners from Greece involved in the implementation of LIFE projects. Twenty global scientists and experts Foresters, Biologists, Veterinarians, Agricultural Engineers from Slovenia, Croatia and Greece had the opportunity to present the results of nine (9) LIFE projects co-funded by European and national resources.

The coordination of the networking meeting was organized by the Greek side from Dr. Georgiadis Christos of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature within the framework of the LIFE project "ForOpenForests", in collaboration with the members of the Environmental Organization for Wildlife and Nature "Callisto" and external consultants of the company Lever S.A, Development Consultants.

The visit was conducted in a way that allowed participants to be more informed about LIFE Projects that are being implemented in Greece, from Crete to Nestos and West Macedonia as well as to present the intensive work that is undertaken in Slovenia and Croatia in order to protect and manage the large mammals through corresponding LIFE projects.