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A bear trapped in a wire loop, was found today Friday early in the morning and specifically at 08:00 am, next to the provincial road of Florina – Kleinon of the Municipality of Florina. The Directorate of Forests of the Decentralised Administration of Epirus – Western Macedonia, as soon as it was informed by the police for the incident, immediately called the Emergency Response Team of the Regional Unit of Florina, which is the body responsible for dealing with incidents of bears approaching residential areas.

Members of the Directorate of Forests of Florina, the Greek Police, the Deputy Mayor of Florina, representative of the Environmental organisation for wildlife and nature “Callisto”, the veterinarian of the Regional Unit of Florina, and from the Hunting Federation “KOMAΘ” were found on the location where the wild animal was trapped.

According to the autopsy, the animal was a male bear of about 250 kg, more than 10 years old, and was trapped in a wire loop that is used for trapping wild boars.

In order to free the animal of this loop, the veterinarian in collaboration with the representative of “Callisto”, sedated him. Following that, the bear was transported by the Directorate of Forests of Florina with the assistance of the rest to the Municipal Forest of the Local Community of Kladorachi. A special radio collar was then placed to him and the antidote of the narcosis. The veterinarian and the representative of “Callisto” remained in the area to observe the behavior of the animal after its awakening.