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In the framework of Action C2.1 of the LIFEAMYBEAR Exchange Experience Trip for the management of bear population, which is co-funded by the European Commission and own resources under the LIFE Nature and Biodiversity Program. In this context, an educational exchange experience trip took place at the Abruzzo and Majella National Parks, with the participation of one person from the lead partner of the project, one from NGO Callisto and three from ADIDM Decentralized Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia.
The on-site visit, lasting a total of four days, included visit and tour activities to both National Parks of Abruzzo and Majella, which are among the most developed forms of sustainable tourism in the mountainous area of ​​Abruzzo in the Apennine Mountains.
The Abruzzo National Park and the Majella National Park have been established to preserve and protect the living space of considerable number of fauna and flora in Italy and a significant percentage of Europe. The visit focused on the coexistence of the bear with the human presence. In this area live 70-100 Marcus Bears, which is also the symbol of the Abruzzo Forest, as well as 40-50 people of the Apennines Wolf, and also large number of avifauna.

The total of study tour visits to the areas of implementation of management actions and measures implemented in the Abruzzo and Majella National Parks completed the project's information circle, providing the opportunity to receive important advice and technical information.