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On 29/3/2018 07:00 a.m. the Department of Forests of Florina of the Decentralized Administration of Epirus-Western Macedonia
was notified by telephone by the Hellenic Police for a car accident between a passing vehicle and a bear in the 12th km of
Amyntaio- Kastoria and specifically at Aetos Amyntaiou. The members of the Rapid Response Team of the Forestry Division of
Florina immediately rushed to the area, spotting the bear a hundred meters from the road in an adjacent field.
It was confirmed that the injured animal was a large bear and for that reason a private
Veterinarian with experience in sedation was called in order to sedate the animal safely both
for itself and for the members of the team that were on the spot.
The on-site examination of the bear and the provision of medical care became possible after
its successful sedation.
From the first examination it was found that it was a male bear ten (10) years old and
weighing 200-220 kg, which sustained mainly orthopedic injuries.
Following the agreement of the Forestry Department of Florina, the veterinarian of the
team, the private veterinarian and the two environmental organizations, ARKTOUROS and
KALLISTO, it was decided that in order to provide better care and imaging examinations, the
bear had to be transferred to Veterinary School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Unfortunately, during the transport to Thessaloniki, the bear died. However, the Veterinary
School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will perform an autopsy-necropsy and then
undertake the incineration of the animal.
Accidents involving bears are one of the most important problems threatening the
coexistence of the species with humans. A typical example is the "Kleidi" area in the
municipality of Amyntaio, where there have been 14 accidents in the last 14 years. In order
to improve the coexistence conditions for bears and humans, the Decentralized
Administration of Epirus-Western Macedonia, the Municipality of Amyntaio, LEVER
Development Consultants SA and the Kallisto Environmental Organization implement the
LIFE AMYBEAR project in the area of the Municipality of Amyntaio and in the Municipality of
Under the LIFE AMYBEAR program brochures will be shared to the drivers that will inform
them on how to avoid accidents with bears and what to do if an accident does occur. Also, a
radio spot will be created to inform the public passing through areas bordering the bear
habitat. Finally, 750 light reflectors (for car lights) will be installed as well as 14 information
signs at road locations where the probability of a car crash with a bear is greater.