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Four workshops will be held from 16th to 19th of April at the Municipality Council of
Amyntaio. The workshops are organized under Action C1 of the LIFE AMYBEAR project. The
aim of this action is to consult with the local community and the contribution of all its
stakeholders to the achievement of the objectives of the project: to improve the coexistence
of man and bear. For each workshop, a series of initial speeches is scheduled and then a
discussion between the participants. The workshops have the following goals:
1. Informing the local community (social partners) about the progress of the LIFE
AMYBEAR project
2. the possible contribution of the social partners to the actions being implemented,
3. the consideration of local needs as expressed by the participants,
4. the settlement of open issues and
5. the exploration of the possibilities for cooperation between the social partners.
The coordination of the workshops is undertaken by Tasos Hovardas, Dr. of Environmental
Sociology and Environmental Education.
The first workshop (April 16, 9:00-13:00) will examine the approach of bears to crops,
production facilities and settlements. Particular issues to be addressed include road
problems, the Rapid Response Team and road traffic disincentives and waste management
as a means of preventing bears from approaching residential areas. The discussion will be
initiated by representatives of the Municipality of Amyntaio, the Decentralized
Administration of Epirus-West Macedonia (Forest Service officers), the Florina Traffic Police,
the Bears Immediate Action Group and the Kallisto Environmental Organization.
In the 2nd workshop (April 17, 9:00-13:00), the issue of prevention of damage by the bear
and compensation of producers will be developed: electrification fencing, exploitation
possibilities of the Rural Development Program, compensation issues by ELGA, The initial
placements will be made by ELGA executives, partners of the "Kallisto" Environmental
Organization and beekeepers with relevant experience.
The 3rd Workshop (April 18, 9:00-13:00) will focus on the use of good shepherd dogs as a
measure to prevent losses incurred by cattle breeders (Dog Breeders Network, Breeding and
Education Issues, Kit of First help for poisoning, examples of good practices). Initial
suggestions will be made by collaborators of the Environmental Organizations "Kallisto" and
"Hellenic Ornithological Society", as well as by livestock farmers with relevant experience.
The 4th Workshop (April 19, 9:00-13:00) will discuss ways to multiply and diffuse the
economic benefit created by the bear. In more detail, the discussion will include the
certification and promotion of bear-friendly products and services (Brown Bear Quality
Label), the exploitation of the tourist movement around the Bear Shelter, environmental
education issues, Representative of Regional Unity and Lever Lead Development Consultants
will begin the discussion.
It is noted in each workshop that entry for the public is free and desirable. The initial
speakers' speeches will be short and concise (15-20 minutes long), followed by discussions
to clarify, localize local needs and analyze the possibilities for cooperation between the
social partners.
More information about the workshops and the LIFE AMYBEAR project in general can be
found on the project website: www.lifeamybear.eu